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We are offering a free basic credit repair website to credit repair professionals who are looking to get established in the credit repair business. There is *ZERO cost and you will not be asked for any payment information when you enroll. 

What kind ocredit repair website do I get?

We will have demo's of our sites soon at

How many pages will my site have?

Our goal is to have all of our free credit repair sites look and feel like real legitimate credit repair company websites. When clients visit your website there are certain things they expect to see. Our experience has shown that the following pages are what credit repair prospects expect to see when visiting a website, therefore these are the pages that are included for free.

  • Home
  • Services
  • FAQ's
  • Testimonials (If you have any you want to share)
  • Pricing (If you intend to show pricing)
  • Blog (If You Intend To Blog)
  • About Us
  • Contact

We can add additional basic pages as needed for an additional fee. Please see Add Ons Page.

Can my site be customized?

Although our websites are ready to go out of the box, there are some minimal customizations we suggest before your site is introduced to the world. These customizations must be done during initial setup as any customizations after the first 7 days will incur a change fee

Logo - Your customers should recognize your brand and that starts with a logo. If you have an existing logo we will add it to your site for free. If you don't currently have a logo we can create one for you Please See Add Ons Page.

Images -  Our websites come with high quality fully licensed images and nothing needs to be done, however many of our clients like to put their own personal touch and can do that two ways.

1 - Provide us with images that you have taken of yourself, you staff, your office, your clients, your work product (deletion notices) etc. tell us where on the site you would like them and we will happily add them to your site for free

2 - Provide us with properly licensed stock photos/images you want us to put on your site, tell us where to put them and we will happily add them for free

3 - Use our licensed source of stock images for additional fee see addon's page

Phone Number - Client need a way to contact you, so we will need to place your phone number on the website and will gladly do it for free.

Pricing - If you are putting pricing information on your site we would need to customize that as well, this again incurs no charge

Content - Our sites will come with base stock generic content for each page meaning that other companies may have the same content if they haven't had a chance to change their content yet, generally this is not a huge deal to start off with but we do recommend putting a plan together for changing out the content within the first several months. This is especially true of the About Us page which comes with generic information to start with. (We will update each page once at no charge)

Our sites come with base stock generic content on ALL pages except - Testimonial Page, Blog, and will not show pricing unless provided during setup

We can also create custom content for you. see addons page

Colors - We will customize text/button colors to match your logo colors in an effort to make the site look a little better for free, additional color change requirements will incur an additional fee

Why are you doing this?

We get asked all the time why we are doing this. We do this for several reasons, we want to see fellow credit repair experts get a fair shot at succeeding. We feel by providing them this free website they will have a major business requirement checked off their list and can concentrate on generating business instead.

We also do it so we can build a relationship with you. We are marketing experts and it is our goal and hope that if we are able to help your business provide a good face to your clients that someday you will be interested in our various paid marketing services.

Websites are expensive, how can you afford to do this?

We can afford to do this because on each website we place a few simple non intrusive marketing messages in various places on the website these advertisements help offset to costs incurred along with the fees we charge for any add on items.

What will be my websites address?

Your website address (domain name) can be anything you want assuming the desired name is available. There are 2 ways we can do this.

1 - If you already own a domain name then we can use that. We will handle the setup and change of nameservers with your registrar (Keep in mind this can affect your email if you have an email pointing to that domain name and you may have to pay a setup fee of $50 setup plus $50 each year to use that email address on this website) You can use other emails for free

2 - We use a new domain name - In this scenario (recommended) you buy a domain and provide us with the details. This will cost you about $10 initially and on an annual basis. Once you have the domain we will do all the technical work. (this domain name should not include any copyrighted terms unless you own the copyright) 

Will I own the site?

No, once the site is built we will own everything on the website. This includes all content and images (we won't own images of individual people, (ie. Images of you, staff, or customers))

Will I have a matching email address?

Email address with domain does not come included but is available for $50 setup plus $50 per year (we can use your existing email throughout the site for free if needed)

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Our websites are meant to be used right away with very little in the way of editing. it is our goal to get you live as fast as possible.

However we are constantly asked to provide some customizations

Fees For Customizations are As Follows (All are optional and are not needed)
  • Additional Basic Pages - $25
  • Change/Edit Fees - $25
  • Basic Logo - $100
  • Licensed Images Of Your Choice - $15 each
  • Custom Content - $50 Per Page (Up to 500 words)
  • Custom Content - $100 Per Page (Up to 1,000 words)